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Checkout This Story of Mine

Hi there, My name is Muslim Khamis Ali Al-harrasy. Born in the beautiful Island of Zanzibar Tanzania, Son of a Retired Meteorologist and a Retired Teacher. forth born of six. A loving Husband and a Caring Father. I had quite an adventure while acquiring education. In the mid-'90s and early-2000's, i had my religious and secular education at my homeland. in 2003 I was transferred to Uganda for my Secondary education up to when I finished my Bachelor's Degree in IT at Nkumba University in 2014. Wow, those were 11 long years of my upbringing, but they came with so many funny good memories and so much hard time that taught me to be humble and shaped me to the man I am today. Alhamdulillah

After University, I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to improve my skills of designs and develop websites, so straight away I started volunteering to the local NGOs, and then I started getting clients. I got a few projects and then they disappeared.
Designing websites at first was just something I do for money, get a client, do what he wants, and get paid for the task as simple as that. It became such boring work but I had to do it so I could take care of my family.
Things were not going well with my client's businesses those that I designed their websites because their sites did not have the process of converting a visitor or browsers into paying customers since all they wanted was to increase the sales or get more bookings for the services they offer.
I had to turn frustration into the hunger of knowledge. After some research I discovered that the website only cannot give you buyers, each business website must have a ‘sales funnel’ a style where each step brings the visitor from awareness closer to making a purchase. Following the Marketing sales Funnel which same as AIDA (AWARENESS-INTERESR-DESIRE-ACTION)
To make the story short I can now consult my clients that they must have to concentrate more on the content base website and follow the required steps in order to have a well designed and developed website that can pull visitors and turn them into buyers. They must choose the niche market, advertise and optimize their websites on Search engines. The good thing is i can walk with them into this path and make sure their achieve their goals.
I’m now enjoying what I'm doing and my clients are happy with the conversion rate of their websites. I continue to learn and and share my knowledge to my peers and other web developers.
Muslim Jarouf
Web Design Development Manager


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